Agile Organisations
Agile Unternehmensführung
AI Strategy
Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality

Batteries & Lithium
Behavioural Economics
Better Presentations
Board Deficiencies
BREXIT ohne Abkommen
Budget Inertia
Budgets & Cash

Capital Reallocation
Cash and Controlling
Consistent Budgets
Consistencies in Controlling
Controlling and Bonus
Controlling and Competition
Coronavirus und Risikomanagement
Courage in Enterprises
Creativity & Experiments
Currency Carry Trades

DAX kein Frühwarnindikator

Effective Federal Funds Rate
Escalation of Commitment
Experiments & Management

Fachkräftemangel IT
Feedback Fallacies
Fully-Funded Projects

Gescheiterte M&A-Transaktionen
Global Middle Class Consumption

Harford’s Guide to Statistics

Innovation Engines
Innovation Strategy
IT-Risiken im Unternehmen


Leading Indicators
Lean Strategy

Legacy Ecosystems

M&A – Rechtliche Grundlagen
M&A – Ablauf einer Transaktion
MBI – Management Buy-in
MBO – ohne Eigenkapital
MBO – Vorteile und Risiken

Nachhaltige Unternehmensführung
New Chinese Marketing
New HR Department
New Silk Roads

People before Strategy
Performance Rankings
Post Merger Integration
Prevention of Crises
Purpose Statement

Rare Earths
Reinvention & Hybrids
Rezession – Chancen

Seven Trends in Marketing 2020
Shadow Banking
Strategic Experiments
Strategy & Abundant Capital
Szenarioplanung im Controlling

Transaktionen erfolgreich managen
Trends in B2B Marketing – Ideen

Unravelling Strategy Execution

Virtual Teams
Vola Puts

Werbung und Dior
Wishful Thinking
Workforce Adaptability
Worst Case Szenarios

Zero Sum Games

3D Printing